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Bio Ionic OnePass Flat Iron 1-1/2" 220V

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What’s So Awesome About Bio Ionic OnePass Hair Straighteners?
Bio Ionic OnePass Hair straighteners have pushed the envelope further claiming to be the fastest straightening iron in the market. With patented silicone speed strips embedded in the plates, they do the job in a fraction of the time required compared with other models available.

The objective of the OnePass straightener is to get each strand straight the first time round and to leave it looking it glossy and full of shine. The BioCeramic heat plates warm up the iron to 204 degree Celcius, the optimal temperature to achieve that perfect, smooth flowing, silky result, from your roots to the tip. The heat is adjustable and starts at 115 degeee Celcius, which is ideal for very thin hair.

How do They Work?
Representing a real break-through in straightening iron technology, Bio Ionic OnePass straighteners contain Natural Ion Complex™ (a blend of 32 naturally occurring minerals) that emits natural negative ions through a nano ionic mineral blend, with far infrared energy to break down clusters of moisture from the hair surface into tiny water molecules. These micronised molecules then penetrate the hair shafts faster and deeper for intense hydration, while removing unwanted frizz and creating healthy, conditioned hair. The straighteners aim to restored moisture balance that leaves your locks looking absolutely fantastic.

After using the hair straightener, the hair feels super soft and smooth. The product is easy and comfortable to use with instructions that are clear to follow.

Bio Ionic OnePass Flat Iron Features:

  • BioCeramic 5 second heaters with multi-level heat controller up to 204 degrees Celcius
  • Silicone Speed Strips for faster straightening and increased shine
  • 1 inch Cushion Plates with Nano Ionic Mineral glide to straighten hair without leaving it lifelessly flat
  • Negative ions keep hair hydrated, cuticles sealed and locks in natural colour and shine
  • 10 feet swivel cord
  • Material: Ceramic, surface doesn’t get hot (exterior of course!)
  • Warranty: Five Years
  • Plate size: 1.5 inches
  • Hair Length: Medium – Long
  • Hair Type: All types


How do Ions Help Your Hair?
Atoms that have lost or gained an electron contain energy and are called ions. Those ions that have lost electrons are considered to be bad for your health and these are commonly found in smoke, dust and toxic substances. Negative ions, on the contrary, have a positive effect on a person, affecting their moods and energy levels. These negative ions have gained an electron and provide additional moisture to your hair cuticle, leaving your hair feeling and looking shiny and smooth. Negative ions = no frizz!

Who Loves Them?
Loved by professional hairdressers, these straighteners are for those who are serious about straightening their hair without damaging it. Humidity dries out hair and using conventional heat styling tools will only damage it further.

With the natural ions found in Bio Ionic OnePass straighteners, you can use it every day without worrying about the harmful effects of other straighteners you’ve used in the past. The product works quickly and efficiently to turn your hair into beautiful, shiny, straight flowing hair.

Using another innovation called the Far Infrared technology, the product styles the hair from the inside out. It seals and levels the hair cuticle while simultaneously conditioning and hydrating it. This is one of the reasons I use them and recommend them to all my clients who have hair extensions – they look after your hair extremely well.

Even if the company claims, a “one-pass” solution, some users with extremely curly hair claim they need at least two or more passes to complete the straightening – this is only true for the curliest of curly hair!

The blue silicone lines catch dirt and hair products when heated, so you need to clean them after each use, especially when you have products on your hair like smoothing lotion and heat protectors.

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