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Izutech TRX4000 Professional Hair Dryer - 2000w

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  • Izutech TRX4000 Professional Hair Dryer - 2000w. The new TRX4000 is the end result of an international collaboration with the world’s leading engineers from Italy to create the best hair dryer possible. And we offer a 10 year warranty for our salon professionals, as a promise of unparalleled quality behind our product for a decade to come.

    • Torque Power. IZUTECH TRX4000 has an industry best, Italian AC 2000 Watt motor, which blasts more compressed airflow than any other hair dryer on the market.
    • Blazing Heat. The nose section of TRX4000 is designed with a unique cone-shaped, zig-zag grid system. It maximizes the heat surface and ensures a superior heat consistency. It outputs the hottest air flow available from a blow dryer.
    • Shhh Silence. TRX4000 is rated for 62 Decibels, which is in the range of a typical conversation noise (60 – 65 dB). Our unique built-in noise damper has been specially engineered to reduce noise without compromising performance. Most leading 2000W dryers have a 70 dB rating, making professionals to have conversations with clients during use very difficult.
    • Ergonomic Design. One of the lightest professional blow dryer available, it has been designed to balance out the weight evenly between the nose and the vent of the blow dryer. This means it feels even lighter than it already is, and maneuvering the blow dryer in all angles is less of a strain on your wrist.
    • True Tourmaline Ceramic Heater. Negative Ions are released with all airflow, locking in moisture in the cuticles for a shinier and softer finish
    • Heavy Duty 10 FT Cord. Longer than most professional level blow dryer by 1 foot. The cord itself is tear and warp resistant heavy duty material.
    • 3 Heat Settings. The highest heat setting delivers highest temperature available currently in the market. 
    • 2 Fan Speed. Two fan speeds are included for various styling uses.
    • Cool Shot Button. Immediate cool air blasts to hold the shape created by the high heat, as well as to dry the hair without any heat damage. 
    • 3" and 2.5" Concentrator Nozzles. Geared towards salon professionals always, we included 2 different sizes of concentrator nozzle for different styling needs.
    • Heat Resistant Cool Casing. Premium quality material was used in crafting the outer shell to make it heat transference resistant from the inner motor to the outer surface. 
    • Feather Light. All this power and it still only weighs 20.1 Oz, or 570g. But it feels even lighter because of the even weight distribution design as explained under benefits. 
    • Made in Italy. Italian craftsmanship, engineering and finish is far advanced in performance and in quality. 
  • STEP 1: Begin blow drying your hair at a low temperature. Make sure you do not keep heat on one spot for too long, as this will definitely damage that hair. Keep the dryer in constant motion by slowly shaking your wrist, directing the air flow up and down. Work through your hair until it's about 40% dry.

    STEP 2: Massage your hair at the roots to encourage it to take on volume. Flip your hair upside down by bending forward, and direct the air flow at the back of your head to more easily dry the bottom layer of your hair.

    STEP 3: Continue blow drying your hair on medium or high heat.

    STEP 4: Let your hair cool back down. Cooling your hair back to a normal temperature keeps it from getting frizzy, and also feels great on your skin after you just blasted yourself with hot air for a while.

    TIP! Treat your hair well when you're not blow drying it. Use good quality shampoo and especially conditioner when showering to keep it healthy and happy.

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